Rock ‘n’ Soul Coaching

Coaching is about you,

about getting to the core of you,

what makes you tick, makes you rock,

makes your soul sing.


One Hour One on One Coaching – $100

The session is conducted over the phone, at a time scheduled in advance.   We will dive right in to what’s on your mind, the thoughts that are holding you back, causing you pain, keeping you up at night.  Maybe you need help just getting your act together to take the next step. One session will get you moving out of that funk, taking steps toward your next big thing!

Four Session Package – $360

Knowing we have four sessions together, we can go deeper. What is holding you back from what it is you want? That job, that relationship, that joy and abundance…they are available!  What is it that is keeping you here, and not taking you there?  Maybe you already know what the problem is, but you can’t find a way out of it.  Maybe you need help labeling the issue itself.    We’ll start where you are, see where you want to be, and start the process to get you there!

Contact me.  Fill out the contact form, email me,  text or call.  I look forward to talking to you soon!!


Mackie Schaars
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