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They’re Singing my Song



It was a pleasure to be coached by Mackie. She helped me work through issues with fear, guided me through dream interpretation and pointed out wacky thoughts. I highly recommend her to anyone considering a coach.

Wendy, Author, Canada

* * * * *

Like an athletic coach, Mackie helps me to push beyond my self-limiting beliefs and holds me accountable to achieve my own dreams.  Her warm, caring personality, her sense of humor and her desire to help shine through every interaction.  I highly recommend Mackie to anyone who knows that they can be happier in their lives and more successful in their careers, but don’t know how to start.

 Carla, Entrepreneur and Business Coach, Texas


* * * * *


Mackie has such a calming effect during our calls.  Coaching seems to come to her by nature.  She has helped me to discover hidden elements about myself that are hugely enlightening.  As a fellow coach I admire her intuition and ability to get to the gut of problematic thinking with ease and efficiency.  I will always consider Mackie as a source for excellent coaching.


Donna K., Coach, Arizona


* * * * *


Mackie’s compassionate and amazingly intuitive coaching helped me navigate my way through a very challenging situation. Her wonderful questions and insights allowed me to see where my fears were getting in my way and come to a place of peace. She tells it like she sees it from a place of warmth and depth. Mackie is a truly gifted coach.


Jill W.,  Author, Illinois